Crane Operation At Its Easiest – Introducing Komatsu Smart Crane For Harvesters
For a harvester operator, an easily operated crane is important for ensuring a productive working day. Every movement that can be simplified contributes to increased production and, ultimately, greater profitability. Introducing Komatsu Smart Crane for harvester, Komatsu Forest take crane control to the next level, where the crane is controlled with a single lever movement, from the main boom all the way to the tip of the telescopic arm. The result is a faster and more precise crane operation as well as a more relaxed and efficient operator. Komatsu Forest presented their first parallel crane for harvesters back in 1999. Its inventive design linked the main and outer booms, thereby simplifying crane control. Smart Crane takes this development to the next level, with the crane moving as a single unit – from the main boom all the way out to the tip of the telescopic arm...


Ken Notes: Visiting their North America (Milwaukee) website returns me to my childhood fantasies of playing with "BIG" toys!

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