Future-Proof: Design Your Packaging with Robotic Automation in Mind

As robot usage increases, package design should take into mind ease-of-use for this technology, in all points of a product’s life cycle.

Modern package design needs to consider the growing use of robotics, and how that automated process interacts with the package; from manufacturing, to fulfillment, to delivery, and even end-of-life.

Brent Lindberg, ‘Head of Curiosity’ at structural packaging design firm Fuseneo, spoke to ISTA participants yesterday about robots, and said, “there`s not a single manufacturer that we`ve talked to that hasn`t struggled to fill the labor shortages. And so, we talk about robots not as a replacement of labor, but a placement of labor in a lot of cases when labor can`t be found, or when it`s a job that is going to be strenuous or repeated....


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