2020 A Good Year for Nonwovens, Mainly

It is not an overstatement to say that the year 2020 was one of the strongest ever for nonwovens. As the world ground to a halt and many industries faced global shutdowns, the nonwovens industry went into overdrive, meeting unprecedented demand for products like face masks, personal protective apparel and disinfectant wipes. This was achieved by pivoting production, repurposing capacity and even adding new lines.

In fact, the number of new lines being added by nonwovens producers currently is among the highest the industry has seen in its 50-plus year history. While meltblown investment is leading the way—with new lines meeting demand for face mask and high performance filtration media—there are many new spunmelt lines, serving hygiene and medical applications, as well as spunlace investments to meet surging demand in the disinfectant wipes category....

Top 40 Nonwovens Industry Companies


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