‘How are we going to fix that? How are we going to move forward?’

‘How are we going to fix that? How are we going to move forward?’

WEDC’s Hughes offers answers as report assesses COVID-19 impact on state’s economy

Months after lawmakers — and even the state’s top economic development strategist — thought it would be waning, COVID-19 still threatens Wisconsin, as its economy struggles to recover.

Industries are “reeling” — and so are other sectors of the state that are critical to its long-term success: education, child care and health care.

As grim as all that might sound, though, it has also given Wisconsin a chance to focus on important priorities, according to Missy Hughes, CEO and secretary-designee of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. (WEDC)....

...Although less affected at the start, manufacturing and construction will likely slow down because of lower consumer spending and reduced capital. And forest products have had “perhaps the starkest divide,” the report states: record-high demand for some consumer paper goods (recall the toilet paper hoarding in the spring), while sharp declines in the catalog and magazine industry due to a fall-off in print advertising. ...

Ken Notes: Good to know we are on the radar screen at WEDC...

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